Featured Content Picture #9 How far can technology and tactics take you? Baptized by Fire is prepped to begin it's incursion into Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Join us as we begin the assault!
Featured Content Picture #8 Our League of Legends division is heating things up! We are actively recruiting team players for the upcoming season 4. If you are looking to get in on some ranked play come check us out!
Featured Content Picture #7 BBF is back on the front lines. Grab your gear and join up to get in on the action as we tackle the newest Battlefield!
  • Our Goal

    Baptized by Fire is an online community of gamers from around the world who pride themselves in being honorable, respectful, and fair! We do NOT recruit based on skill, but rather recruit based on attitude, willingness to work together, and focus on both teamwork and fun!

  • Our Mission Statement

    To become one of the most fun and respectable battle clans on the internet.
    To be known as a major part of online gaming history.
    To prove that you can have fun playing games online while being fair.

  • We Are Recruiting

    Baptized by Fire is recruiting! We currently span a number of game titles and are always looking to expand into more. If you have an interest in joining up with us click here to navigate to our join page.

Advanced Warfare envisions the powerful battlegrounds of the future. Join BBF as we explore how far the technology and tactics have evolved in Call of Duty. Looking for a good survival horror game? Join up with BBF as we focus on surviving the zombie apocalypse in 7 Days to Die!

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare coming to BBF

COD Advanced Warfare is being released in just a few days (11/04/2014).

BBF now has a dedicated forum for COD Advanced Warfare and we encourage all interested in the game and the latest news to check it out.

We would also like to announce that [BBF]Poptardz Will continue to be to Game Commander for Advanced Warfare as well as COD: Ghosts.

Recruiting is also now open and new recruits interested in joining BBF under Advanced Warfare can fill out an application.
Leadership Promotions at Baptized by Fire
Once again it is my privilege to announce to the clan some new leadership appointments as a result of positions becoming available. [BBF] Itchy has been promoted to the rank of Major General, [BBF]Ariakas has been promoted to the rank of Brigadier General, and [BBF]Smiggy has been promoted to the rank of Colonel Regiment Commander.

[BBF] Itchy's promotion will move him to the rank of Major General, which is responsible for clan outreach, identifying and promoting future games for the clan, and overseeing the Brigadier General.

[BBF]Ariakas' promotion moves him up a rank to Brigadier General. In his new position, Ariakas will oversee all current regiments in the clan, work to address clan recruitment and resolve any recruitment issues that arise, work to revive JFF games and retired games that might still be popular with members, and also will oversee the Regiment Commander.

[BBF]Smiggy will step into the Regiment Commander position that Ariakas will be vacating. In this position Smiggy will be working with, overseeing, and assigning the Game Commanders. He will also be involved in the production of the monthly roll call report.

For more information on the duties of each position, please reference our Clan Ranks Page.

Please join me in congratulating these gentlemen on their new positions with the clan!
Baptized By Fire announces its new Minecraft Server
Baptized By Fire has partnered with CraftYourBox.Com to bring all of our members and guests a great Minecraft Experience.

The new Minecraft server offers many new things such as a SkyBlock world, Creative world, and many more fun games and additions to come.

We would like to encourage all members who have since left Minecraft to join us in game at

Also check out our new webpages with server statistics and voting sites HERE
Baptized by Fire welcomes their new Colonel Regiment Commander
We are pleased to announce that [BBF]Ariakas has agreed to step up and fill the void in leadership at the Regiment Commander position. Ariakas has been with the clan for a number of years and has previous experience with our leadership structure after having served with our Call of Duty 1 & 2, United Offensive, and Battlefield 2 groups.

Please help us congratulate [BBF]Ariakas by showing him your support in this linked thread.

- Colonel Regiment Commander

  • Administration Rank only - not a In Game Combat Rank
  • Regiment representative to the Clan Leader Board
  • Can promote up to the rank of Game Commander
  • Responsible for hiring and firing Lieutenant Colonel Game Commanders (GC)
  • Acts as a Commanding Officer to and is responsible for overseeing the actions of all Lieutenant Colonel Game Commanders in the regiment
  • Responsible for approving in game rules and policies proposed by the Lieutenant Colonel Game Commanders (GC)
  • Responsible for ensuring Lieutenant Colonel Game Commanders (GC) follow the clan structure within in their games
  • Responsible for ensuring that the Lieutenant Colonel Game Commanders (GC) enforce the rules and policies of the Clan Charter
  • Responsible for ensuring Lieutenant Colonel Game Commanders (GC) are meeting the required activity goals
  • Responsible for compiliing and submitting a monthly Roll Call Report to the Brigadier General for the regiment
  • Responsible for issuing warnings to Lieutenant Colonel Game Commanders (GC) who fail to submit their Roll Call report on time, and forward all issued warnings to the Lieutenant General Human Resources
  • Responsible for working with Game Commanders to help solve problems within their ranks
  • Responsible for encouraging Game Commanders to have their assigned game actively participate in competition leagues or ladders
  • Assist with forum moderation
Baptized by Fire welcomes our new Major General
We are pleased to announce that [BBF]Exodeox has accepted the position of Major General! [BBF]Exodeox, formerly known as [BBF]Vilseck, was most recently active as the Game Commander for World of Warcraft where he has worked to re-establish Baptized by Fire as a fun and active guild. Division Command is excited at the opportunity to work more closely with [BBF]Exodeox on clan concerns and we are certain that he will do an outstanding job in his new position. Please join us in congratulating our new Major General by showing him your support in this linked thread.

- Major General

  • Third in Command for the respective Division
  • Administration Rank only - not an In Game Combat Rank
  • May overrule any decision made by Colonel Regiment Commanders (RC) or Lieutenant Colonel Game Commanders (GC) that might negatively effect morale or is otherwise contrary to the rules and policies of the clan
  • Acts as a Commanding Officer to and is responsible for overseeing the actions of all Brigadier Generals in the Division
  • Responsible for Clan Leader Board organization and ensuring all topics are completed in the Clan Leader Board
  • Responsible for promoting future games as well as maintaining the Future Games forums
  • Responsible for researching similar clans and reporting ideas or suggestions that may improve BBF to Operations Command
  • Responsible for finding, building, and maintaining relationships with other clans
  • Responsible for researching, evaluating, and developing plans to submit to the Clan Leader Board that would extend clan recognition and visibility
  • Assists with the approval process on all clan alliances and ensures that they fall within the charter guidelines
  • Assists with forum moderation
Baptized by Fire promotes its most recent Game Commander
We are happy to introduce [BBF]Wesmantooth as the new Game Commander for our Guild Wars 2 section. [BBF]Wesmantooth has risen through officer ranks in a few games with the clan so far and has done an outstanding job in each. We are certain in his abilities and have confidence that he will do an outstanding job in his new position. Please join us in congratulating [BBF]Wesmantooth by showing him your support in this linked thread.

- Lieutenant Colonel Game Commander (aka GC)
This is an appointed position based on the individual's leadership skills

  • Administration Rank only - not an In Game Combat Rank
  • Game representative to the Clan Leader Board
  • Can Promote up to the rank of Major Combat Company Commander (CGC)
  • Acts as a Commanding Officer to and is responsible for overseeing the actions of the Major Company Commander for the assigned game
  • Responsible for enforcing in game rules and policies, the clan charter, as well as reporting all violations of the Clan Charter to the Colonel Regiment Commander (RC)
  • Responsible for issueing warnings and documenting them using the Member Records forum, Roll Call reports, and Private Messages to the Lieutenant General Human Resources and/or the Colonel Regiment Commander for the regiment
  • Responsible for sending any in game rule or policy changes to the Colonel Regiment Commander (RC) for approval. Once approved the rules must also be listed as a sticky post within the game forum
  • Responsible for ensuring all game duties are being performed effectively and on schedule
  • Responsbile for promoting growth of assigned game
  • Responsible for approving new members who apply for assigned game
  • Responsible for granting access and maintaining access lists to game specific forums such as Tips and Strats or Officers forums
  • Responsible for submitting Roll call reports each month by the 11th
  • May find, promote, and assign special jobs to members to help with the needs of the game or administration tasks
  • Assists with forum moderation
Welcome to BBFhq10
After months of hard work by clan members and our outside design team, Baptized by Fire is pleased to show you to our newest site design. The new website features both a content management system (CMS) upgrade as well as a change in forum software. Both of these changes were made to allow us access to tools that we were not able to easily utilize with our previous site version. This added functionality helps to bring the website up to date and gives us extra ways of communicating with clan members as well as site visitors.

You have undoubtedly noticed that the new layout is a complete rework from our previous site design. This was an intentional change as our previous design suffered from large areas of white. We hope that you agree that we have addressed this issue with the new design. While our color palette remains constant we have used greys and blacks more often to produce a darker theme which we hope will be easier on the eyes.

Feel free to explore the pages of the new site, I am sure you will find new features intermixed with the familiar content. Questions, requests, and feedback regarding the site can be placed in our new forum Site Requests, Feedback, and F.A.Q. We will continue to customize and modify the site to meet our future needs. Keep your eyes open for our next update!
Site Maintenance Oct 23, 2012
The Baptized by Fire website at will be unavailable for use on Tuesday October 23rd, 2012 between the hours of 7 and 9 PM ET. Following this maintenance window our site will return with an improved layout and upgraded systems.

We apologize for any inconvenience this outage may cause and invite you to revisit us at 9PM EST Tuesday to experience the latest version of