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[BBF]hisgun : Hope this year finds all of you well and you stay that way.
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[BBF]hisgun : Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope all are well. Stay safe my friends. Post now and then so I don't look like the only one here.
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[BBF]hisgun : Roll Call 11/1/2020 Through 11/7/2020 is posted and will run Through the 16th
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[BBF]hisgun : I am stuck at the farm until Monday or Tue. My phone can't work to setup Roll Call for Nov. So I will do it when I get home. If there is some other Admin who would like to try feel free.
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Roll Call 5/1/2021 Through 5/7/2021 (01 May 2021)

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knowing Mechanics & your class

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knowing Mechanics & your class was created by [BBF]ZERØ

----PLEASE READ---- - to look at what we need to cover buffs

A description of MV 10......the short any skinny of it..

The Stone Guard

Tank Fight / Council Fight, proper taunting wins, pulling aggro loses. The four guardians share a health pool, but have their own energy bars, and in 10 & LFR only 3 are up at a time.When Guardians are near each other, they give each other energy, and controlling this energy build up is key. You want to build up the energy of whichever Guardian is applying the Petrification speed and damage debuff. 100 Petrification is a wipe.

You do NOT want a guardian who is NOT giving you the debuff to reach 100 energy(but it will happen) so MT will have the debuff Guardian and the Guardian with the lowest energy, while the OT tanks another one on the other side of the room. At 50 energy, trade out the non-debuff and OT Guardians.

Heals be ready for massive AOE damage at all times, especially 100 energy. Everyone watch your feet for pools and frost traps, and chains be sure to run together immediately. Pop Lust which will be evil or shocks on pull. Cleave the MT Guardians.

Feng the Accursed

Three Phase Fight. MT & OT pick up shard at start of fight. Tanks taunt on 2 stacks, not 3 not 4 not 5, but TWO STACKS. Tank with Shroud of Reversal should press the button while targeting an affected raider whenever the boss uses a major special ability.

Phase one: Ranged spread out. Tank him where he stands, face him to the wall. When he casts Epicenter, the tank with Nullification Barrier should press the button, whole raid stacks on tank and AOE heals. DKs with AMZ can also help with this. Ranged spread back out after. Everyone avoid the Lightning Fists path.

Phase two 66% health: Wildfire Spark on 5 people, run it to the back edge of the room away from other people, you have 5 seconds to get back there or you fail. Standing in fire spreads it like Defile. When available, tank with Nullification Barrier should press the button right before he finishes casting Draw Flame. Draw Flame will give boss stacks based on how big all the patches got. AOE damage and massive tank fire damage.

Phase three 33% health: Pop Lust. Stack on boss immediately. Immediately run out of raid if you get Arcane Resonance, healers keep that person alive until they can come back. Burn baby burn.

Gara’jal the Spiritbinder

Twilight Zone Fight + Tank Healing Fight. Spirit Totems will take you to the Spirit Realm to kill otherwise untouchable ads hurting your raid (LFR just click em, 10/25 kill them and nearest players get sucked in). Every so often one tank and a couple raiders will become Voodoo Dolls that replicates damage done to any of them. After Voodoo Doll wears off the tank, he’ll get sucked into the Spirit Realm. Entering the Spirit Realm knocks everyone down to 30% max health. Soft enrage at 20% health, and no more Spirit Totems.

The off-tank has to immediately taunt the second that the MT gets sucked into the Spirit Realm. Healers be ready for massive tank heals during voodoo doll and frenzy phases.

Very important Spirit World note! In LFR, press the Return Soul button before you hit 30 seconds in the Spirit World. In 10/25 people in the spirit realm must be healed to 100% health (after getting knocked down to 30% just by entering) before their Return Soul button will work. A healer has to be one of the three standing near the totem so that they go in. If anyone is still in the Spirit Real after 30 seconds (10/25) you die instantly. In the Spirit World everyone gets a massive resource regen buff, so spam inefficient and massive heals asap.

Voodoo doll tank will have one ad to deal with on their own, kill it fast and you’ll be sent back to the normal world no problem.

Lust on Frenzy Phase.

The Spirit Kings

Council Fight. There are four kings, and you only have to fight them one at a time. However, as each one is defeated, one ability from each will keep screwing with the raid. Therefore, by the last king, you’re dealing with some mechanics from all four. The order in which the kings activate changes from raid to raid, but be prepared (at the end of all four kings) to be on your toes!

A. Qiang the Merciless

Flanking Orders is the retained ability. It summons a small wave of one-shotting melee fighters that sweep across the room. Don’t be in front of them, or die. Boss has frontal cone meteor attack, tank in middle of room and all dps and heals stack on tank to divide damage. Watch you feet for localized mega-damage circle. Everyone move out of the way of the Flanking Orders troops, and scatter when the ground goes nuts during his Annihilate earthquake.

B. Zian the Endless Shadow

Undying Shadows is the retained ability, fixating a random raid member who must immediately run to the edge of the room. 3 seconds after being fixated an attackable ad will spawn, and you want the ranged to burn him by the edge of the room because a void zone will appear where he dies… which will become the ad again. Ranged kill him a second time, again along the edge, and this time after the void zone fades, that ad is gone for good. Do this whole process every 40 seconds (or 85 seconds after Zian is dead). Whole raid must be more than 8 yards apart, make sure DBM is updated and radar is on. Interrupt Shadow Blast as it’s being cast every time.

C. Meng the Demented

Maddening Shout is the retained ability, which when it hits turns the raid against each other. The whole raid should stack on the tank, and when it hits, two AOE dps should hit the whole raid for 40k, then quit. The boss has an Insanity Bar that everyone must pay attention to. When Insanity is low, Crazy Thought MUST be interrupted. When Insanity gets high, let him cast it, so he’ll reset his Insanity. The higher the insanity, the more tank or raid damage he’ll put out. He has two states that alternate every time he hits 100 insanity. Crazed ramps up Tank Damage, Cowardice ramps up Raid Damage (by reflecting damage dealt back on the player), healers be ready accordingly. STOP ALL DPS during Cowardice, or the raid will wipe.

D. Subetai the Swift

Pillage is the retained ability, which puts a debuff on a player that screws over anyone within 8 yards, so spread out accordingly. No raider should stand in front of Subetai while Volley is being cast, get out of his frontal cone asap or you will die. Rain of Arrows targets a raider and hits anything within 8 yards of where that raider was standing when the targeting went out. Don’t be where the arrows fall (run away!) Any player hit by an arrow is Bone Spiked, and the arrow must be killed asap before the raider dies.

This boss’s whole deal is that is screws over your whole raid if the other bosses are dead and doing their retained abilities. If you’re lucky, you’ll get him first.

No matter which boss you get, Lust on the pull.


Ads Fight. A dance in three parts. Phase one, everyone in the Inner Ring. Tank point boss away from raid, he won’ move from middle. Off tank pick up the ads, ranged nuke the ads. Everyone gets stacks of Overcharged, and must run out to the Outer Ring to drop stacks. This is also a good time for tanks to switch. Healers dispel Closed Circuit immediately. Don’t tank ads in Outer (stone floor) Ring.

Phase two. Burn phase. When untankable ads spawn, immediately turn and burn with all (melee and ranged) dps. The more waves of ads you kill, the more damage Elegon will take for the rest of the encounter. Boss will keep spawning ads until one reaches its destination, at which point you have 20 seconds to run to the Outer Ring. After that time runs out, the floor goes away and anyone standing on it dies.

Phase three, don’t stand where Energy Cacade is going to land. Group up and split into two five-man groups (tank, heals, 3 dps), one going clockwise, the other going counter-clockwise. Move around the ring slaughtering ads, prioritize Empyrial Focus, you can AoE down the sparks once all the Empyrial Focus Points are dead.

These three phases will repeat one more time, then after you do phase three a second time, pop Lust and do massive ridiculous damage because Elegon has tons of debuff stacks on him at this point.

Will of the Emporer

Ads plus Council Fight. Phase One, kill as many ads as humanly possible in the first 90 seconds of the fight, priority is Courage > Strength > Rage. Tanks run away from the Courage that has you fixated. Ranged stand near side alcoves and use slows on Courage ads. Melee focus Strength ads, but watch your feet. Rage can be CC’d and should be until there’s time to kill them later.

Phase two starts at 90 seconds, when two bosses spawn, but the ads keep spawning. The same priority stands that the ads need to be killed before you even think of dpsing the boss. The bosses share a health pool and have aoe attacks, so tank them about 60 yards apart. Everyone move out of the way of Devestating Arc, tanks call out which way the arc is going by watching which direction your boss points his weapon (Left, Right, or Forward). Then just walk of the way, and pick him up when he’s done. Getting hit is super bad, especially for tanks. If you avoid getting hit, you get a special one-use button that does crazy damage to your target. Healers be ready for Titan Gas which stops ad spawning, but does massive raid damage.

Tanks you’ll get a debuff that yanks you back to the boss if you go to far, so when everyone runs away from a boss casting Stomp, you’ll want to be careful, because you might just get snatched back if you run too far.

So lets make these bosses feel Baptized by Fire
16 Jan 2013 20:42 #34053

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Replied by chancam7 on topic knowing Mechanics & your class

Very descriptive. Thank you.
01 Feb 2013 11:23 #34568

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Replied by Jakaro on topic knowing Mechanics & your class

A good website for some class stuff and Boss stuff.

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23 Feb 2013 11:35 #35362

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Replied by [BBF]BigPapah on topic knowing Mechanics & your class

Awesome Post Exo. Definitely helpful
24 Feb 2013 23:14 #35407

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Replied by [BBF] Pyrotechnix on topic knowing Mechanics & your class

Very descriptive. Awesome Post, Thanks
08 May 2013 15:46 #38838

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Replied by [BBF] Nidhug on topic knowing Mechanics & your class

great info...
02 Jul 2013 12:39 #42638

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