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[BBF]hisgun : Was lots of spam this time I visited. Not my job but had to clean it up.....Hate spam.
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Muggermadison : Here!
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[BBF]hisgun : 1/1/2023 My last Roll Call is now posted.. The last 3 months it has only been me, before that the most we got was me and [BBF] SCHWARTZWALD we had 3 hit about 11 months ago.
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[BBF]Chaser : So many of times in the chat.
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Muggermadison : Oh Cool as long as WOW C runs on an old PC I can play. Not upgraded in 12 years. These old boards are getting a little creaky and well locking up at random times but still ready to play.
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[BBF]hisgun : Oct, Roll Call is posted for Members. Please hit the red "Read More" in the Announcement at the top of any forum Thank You.
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unlisted game The Forest

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unlisted game The Forest was created by warplotus

Game title you are applying for - The Forest
Have you read the clan charter? - Yes
Real first name - Justin
Age - 37
Time zone - Center USA
If applying for a Steam game, list your Steam name - The Forest
Please describe your normal gaming schedule (days and times you play) - normally on every night for abput 3-4 hours. sometimes longer
Do you currently use Teamspeak, or will if you join BBF? - I will use Teamspeak if recruited
Do you have a working mic? - Yes
Why are you looking to join BBF? - I seen you kind folks have a server on The Forest. most of the ones I'm on sre unmoderated and there for everything gets "lost" every few days due to no server restarts.
Tell us why you think BBF is a good fit for you and why we should accept your membership. - I'd like to think that my gaming skills, while rusty and out, my experience maybe invaluable.
How did you find BBF? If you were referred, please list the member that referred you. - Seem BBF on The Forest dedicated sever list.
By submitting a Clan BBF membership application you are agreeing to the following pledge: "I understand the responsibilities of clan membership, and I accept the honor of representing BBF. I pledge to support my clan mates with mature and honorable game presence as well as competitive gameplay."
I accept and agree.
20 May 2021 22:02 #56932

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Replied by [BBF]Poptardz on topic unlisted game The Forest

Hi Warplotus,

Welcome to BBF and thanks for the post! What's your Steam username or profile link so we can add you? Or you can send me a PM by clicking the chat bubble under my icon to the left if you want it private.

In the meantime, your welcome to join our Discord and meet us. We don't really use Teamspeak anymore. Here's the invite link:

Just a note, we also play others games like Rocket League, Warzone, Diablo, Valheim, etc. We were originally a Call of Duty group. Anyway thanks for the application and hope to meet you soon!

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24 May 2021 03:16 #56933

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Replied by [BBF]hisgun on topic unlisted game The Forest

and 7 days to die. When I'm not stuck on the farm were my wife makes me work and my computer will not work.

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24 May 2021 05:47 #56934

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