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About Baptized by Fire

  • Our Mission

    • To prove that you can have fun playing games online while being fair

  • Our Mottos

    • "TILL ALL ARE ONE" (Clan Motto)
    • "Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die" (Second Golden age slogan)
    • "Fear the fire, Embrace the flame!" (BBF-X Motto)

  • The Five Ws

    • Who: The clan is lead by the General of the Army and the appointed members of the Clan Leader Board(CLB).
    • What: The name of the clan is "Baptized by Fire", originally thought up by clan founders Hive Mind and Chods while they were at work one fine summer day.
    • When: The clan was officially founded May 1, 2000
    • Where: BBF headquarters is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
    • Why: BBF was created to bring people, from all over the globe, together because of their common interest in online gaming.

  • Clan Structure

    • The clan operates on six main levels of leadership
      • Executive Office
      • Division Command
      • Operations Command
      • Section Command
      • Regiment Command
      • Company Command

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