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1 - The Prime Directive

    1.1 Prime Directive: BBF represents Honor, Fairness, and Respect

      Honor: To win and lose while displaying good sportsmanship.
      Fairness: To not cheat or knowingly allow others to cheat.
      Respect: To treat all persons in the online gaming community with respect.

      1.1.1 All BBF members are to uphold these values above all other considerations.

    1.2 General Order 1: We do not support or condone any form of cheating.

    1.3 General Order 2: All members of the online community are to be treated with respect and dignity.

    1.4 General Order 3: A member may not, under any circumstances, play for another clan in a game that is competitively supported by BBF. Exceptions can only be made by the DC-X or the DC.

      NOTE: RPG/MMO and Just For Fun games are the only exception to this rule. GC's in these games have the discretion to allow players to play under a different faction or group within the game, which may or may not take place on a different server if applicable.

    1.5 Scope: The Prime Directive and all General Orders apply to all forms of communication held by BBF members.

    1.6 Chain of Command:

      1.6.1 Members are strongly encouraged to use the chain of command. All questions, issues, and requests should be taken to the officer directly above you for a solution or answer before engaging a higher ranking officer or HR.

      1.6.2 Superior officers within your chain of command are granted full authority within the constraints of this charter. All orders and decisions that are made within the constraints of the charter are to be considered final. Any disagreements with a ruling must first be taken up with the officer making the ruling.

      1.6.3 If after a ruling has been made the member feels that it does not follow the constraints of the charter, that member may move up the Chain of Command to the next highest rank to clarify if the said ruling was in fact in the scope of the charter. It is also recommended to speak to the HR Manager to gain a new perspective and get advice on how to proceed. The HR Manager can expedite and guide the member to an agreeable solution for all parties involved.

    1.7 Member discipline

      1.7.1 All BBF members are required to understand and follow the Clan Charter. Failure to follow the Clan Charter may result in disciplinary action being taken. Such action may result in, but not limited to the following actions.

      1.7.2 There are three types of disciplinary actions and two levels of command that have the authority to exercise discipline. The three types of disciplinary actions are Warnings, Suspensions and Bans. The levels of command with authority to exercise such discipline are the GC for game issues (CGC in the absence of GC), HR for Clan issues and any CLB/DC member on an "Emergency" basis.

      1.7.3 Warnings Game Warning: A GC can issue a warning to a member of his/her game for minor infractions of the rules and Charter within his/her game and which are game related. Such a disciplinary action must be noted in the Roll Call report by the GC. GC's are encouraged to confer with a fellow game officer or HR before taking this disciplinary action, but this is only a recommendation as GC's have command of their games. Clan Warning: HR can issue a warning to a member of the clan for any infractions of the Clan Charter. HR will issue the warning and note the warning in "Member records" after speaking with the GC or other game officer from the game to which that member belongs. If the member is not playing an active game, or if no officer from the member's game is available, a member of the CLB may act as a substitute for the game officer when HR speaks with the member receiving the warning.

      1.7.4 Suspensions Game Suspension: A GC can issue a Suspension to a member of his game for major infractions of the rules and Charter within his game and which are game related. Such a disciplinary action must be noted in the Roll Call report by the GC. GC's are encouraged to confer with a fellow game officer or HR before taking this disciplinary action, but this is only a recommendation as GC's have command of their games. Clan Suspension: HR can issue a Suspension to a member of the Clan for any infractions of the Clan Charter. HR will issue the Suspension and note the Suspension in "Member records" after HR and two (2) CLB officers agree suspension is warranted.

      1.7.5 Bans Game Bans: A GC can issue a Ban to a member of his game for egregious infractions of the rules and Charter within his game and which are game related. Such a disciplinary action must be noted in the Roll Call report by the GC. GC's must confer with a fellow game officer AND HR before taking this disciplinary action, but GC's have command of their games and will make the final decision. Clan Bans: HR can issue a Ban to a member of the Clan for any egregious infractions of the Clan Charter. HR will issue the Ban and note the Ban in "Member records" after HR and two (2) CLB officers agree banning is warranted. Any member of the DC may undertake an emergency banning of a member without first reviewing the issue with HR or CLB Officers if the actions of the member are deemed a threat to the Clan. If a member receives an Emergency Ban, then HR, the rest of the CLB and the DC must be immediately informed as to what has taken place. The DC will promptly review all Bans and decide to concur or overrule as appropriate.

      1.7.6 Dismissal Trial Procedure: When a member of the clan, which is NOT in probation, gets dismissed from the clan for violation of BBF rules and or policies the offender may request a trial to have the dismissal reversed.

        NOTE: A member has only 7 days to request a trial. After the 7 days have passed the decision can only be reversed by a vote taken in the DC. Only a DC Officer may request such a vote. After receiving a PM requesting a trial, HR will assemble a group of 2 admins and meet with the offender at a time that works for all.

2 - Activity and Roll Call

    2.1 On the 1st of every month the HR Director will create the ROLL CALL ANNOUNCEMENT topic with the date. When you see this you are to visit the games you are active in and follow the instructions listed in the Roll Call post. If you miss roll call you may be removed from your games roster and considered inactive.

      2.1.1 Members are not to be posting active in games they do not take part in. Doing so is Roll Call abuse. It is at the discretion of the GC to issue warnings of Roll Call abuse

      2.1.2 If a member is active in a game but due to RL (real life) situations they can not be active in game, they should communicate this to their GC.

    2.2 Roll Call for Admins: - Procedure:

      2.2.1 Procedure for Game Commanders: On the first of each month GC's will post in their main game forum a reminder that it is time for Roll Call and point members to the ROLL CALL ANNOUNCEMENT. This post should be locked so that members do not try to post there. Remove this post by the end of day on the 7th.

      2.2.2 Every GC MUST do a roll call report every Roll Call (even if there is nothing to report, just say nothing on all fields) before the 11th of each month.

      2.2.3 The RC must have a Roll Call Report completed for all of their games and posted in the DC - RC Roll Call Report Forum by the 20th of each month.

      2.2.4 GC Roll Call Report Form: Click Here

      2.2.5 Additionally on the Roll Call report any accomplishments their games or members have achieved for the past month should be noted.

      2.2.6 The RC must complete the Roll Call report if the report is not completed by the GC.

      2.2.7 If you are a GC or RC of a future game that is about to be released a Roll Call in the Future games forum must be posted to see if we will have the number of people needed to keep a game active.

    2.3 Active Member Attendance:

      2.3.1 If you posted "ACTIVE" in a monthly Roll Call for a "Supported Game", the GC may require you to attend practices/scrims.

      2.3.2 In the event you can not make a specific practice you should try to communicate directly with your GC (or another commanding officer) and let them know you will be absent.

      2.3.3 Repeated absence from practices and scrimmages without communicating an excuse may result in a warning being issued to you or removal from said game.

      2.3.4 If you participate in a game where there is no set practice schedule, it is up to the GC or other leaders of the game to decide if you are active enough to continue playing the game with BBF.

    2.4 Active Communication:

      2.4.1 The message board is the heart of the clan as far as communication is concerned. All members are required to sign up on the message board when they apply to join. Members are required to keep an active forum account at all times. Members with no forum account are subject to removal from the clan.

      2.4.2 We have provided several tools for you to keep in touch with your fellow clan mates, namely the message board, Steam group, Facebook group, and Twitter account. We also use Xfire, MSN IM and X-box Live as our primary chat methods.

      2.4.3 Members are encouraged to participate in discussion on the message board.

      2.4.4 Any form of communication that we as a clan use (Teamspeak, IRC, X-box live, Xfire, Steam, written, or other wise) will be used for what it is intended for: communication between members during practices, matches, scrimmages, etc... Abuse of this must be reported to your GC, if the GC is not available follow the chain of command. See 4 - Communication Policy for more details.

3 - Staff and Membership

    3.1 The CLB:

      3.1.1 No rules or procedures set at Game or Division Level can override or be in contradiction with the Clan Charter.

      3.1.2 DC members will be responsible for managing clan affairs and making recommendations to the CLB.

      3.1.3 All CLB members will be responsible for proposing and discussing changes for the clan. These leaders are the representatives and voices of the core members to the CLB. The Game Commanders and Regiment Commanders shall inform membership of an enforce all rule or policy changes as they are implemented.

      3.1.4 ALL CLB members are required to provide a valid email address in their forum account profile.

    3.2 Member Retirement or Inactive Status:

      3.2.1 CLB may remove any clan member from the active duty list that is considered not active and have missed roll calls. Removal means you are set to inactive status and not dismissed. Inactive members can return to active status at any time.

      3.2.2 Members of BBF have the right to retire themselves. Retired members can come back to the clan at any time but must have Game Commander approval.

    3.3 Appointed Ranks in BBF:

      3.3.1 BBF leadership roles or appointed ranks are based on:

      • Member interactions with other players
      • How long a member has been playing for the clan
      • How active a member is on and off the battlefield
      • Leadership qualities of members

      3.3.2 In BBF, we DO NOT promote based on gaming skill.

    3.4 Recruiting:

      3.4.1 All potential recruits to Baptized by Fire are required to register on the message board before they submit an application to join. Potential Recruits/Cadets then submit an application which must be approved by a Game Commander before receiving Recruit/Cadet status. Recruits must be at least 16 years of age or older and must wear the appropriate [R] tag. Recruits may not display [BBF] tags until the member has passed the probationary period and is granted core member status in BBF. Cadets [C] must be between 13 and 15 years of age. Cadets should be reviewed for a potential promotion to core member status when they reach 16 years of age. Recruits/Cadets must meet any Regiment and Game specific requirements and be approved by their Game Commander before they may officially join the clan. BBF Members and Cadets who are not on probation can recruit potential new members for the clan.

      3.4.2 All members with appointed rank are encouraged to check the "Join Us / Challenge" forum at least once a day.

      3.4.3 When recruiting someone in game, it is important to remain in constant contact with him/her until the new member is acclimated to the clan.

    3.5 New Recruits & Probation: New Recruits are broken down into two categories: Recruits [R] age 16 and above, and Cadets [C] age 13 through 15. Each is required to complete between 2 to 5 weeks of probation. Within this period the Recruit's Game Commander (or a higher ranking official) must either place the new member in the BBF Core Member Group or remove them from the clan. The Cadet's Game Commander may only place them into the BBF Core Member group when they reach 16 years of age. Both Cadets and Recruits are required to participate in Roll Call.

4 - Communication Policy

    The following rules apply to all forms of communication used for gaming with BBF and other clans or gamers, including, but not limited to:
    • Teamspeak
    • Ventrilo
    • Xfire
    • Xbox Live
    • Steam
    • In game chat
    • IRC
    • Instant Messengers (IM's)
    • Email
    • Forums

    4.1 General Guidelines:

      4.1.1 Members are to conduct themselves maturely. NO harassment, disrespect or inappropriate language when communicating with BBF members or other gamers. This means you should treat BBF members and other gamers with respect at all times.

      4.1.2 Because communication is the key to a successful team, all members will yield the floor to leadership during practices and clan matches.

      4.1.3 Abuse of the communication rules may be reported to your GC. If the GC is not available, then follow the chain of command.

    4.2 Tags and Names:

      4.2.1 Approved BBF Tags ([BBF], [R], [C]) Must be displayed in front of your username on the BBF Forums and Teamspeak server. They should also be displayed in game if possible.

      4.2.2 It is not appropriate to remove tags or names with the intention to avoid being held accountable to the BBF communication rules.

      4.2.3 Name changes must be announced in the appropriate game section and Game Commander(s) notified.

    4.3 Specific Rules and Sections:

      4.3.1 Teamspeak and Ventrilo specific rules are listed in the BBF server Rules channel, or via a message when joining.

      4.3.2 Xfire, Steam, and Xbox Live are clan supported communication method, and the communication rules apply to the account(s) you use with the clan.

      4.3.3 Additional rules may be specified by the GC or above, and will be listed on the forum, in game, or chat channel, etc.

5 - Message Board Policy

    5.1 General Information:

      5.1.1 BBF has provided a message board to its members and the public for mostly game topics but also general chat about what ever is on your mind. This is NOT a public message board and is monitored at all times. If you have any comments please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us Form.

      5.1.2 Members in probation are not to be placed in private clan usergroups and are not to have access to private clan-related sections of the forum.

    5.2 General Message Board rules for BBF members and non-members: You may be banned from the message board for doing any of the following:

    • No Inappropriate Content: No links to inappropriate websites and/or the use of inappropriate pictures, graphics or language.
    • No Swearing: BBF is a family friendly clan, not everyone likes to hear swearing. Occasionally a swear can slip and that is understood but members are expected to control their language.
    • No Flaming: Any hostile and/or insulting interaction between users
    • No Illegal Content: No pirated software (see 5.4), copyrighted material, or content that violates game rules such as selling accounts, etc.
    • NOTE: Breaking any of the clans General Orders may get you banned from the message board and/or removed from the clan. We do use a temporary suspension from the message board when members break clan rules or policy.

    5.3 Message Board Signature Rules:

      5.3.1 BBF Members are allowed 1 signature image which should be no larger than 450x200 pixels.

      5.3.2 The CLB/DC reserves the right to ask anyone to remove a signature picture if it is deemed unacceptable for the message boards.

      5.3.3 Links to inappropriate web sites and/or the use of inappropriate pictures, graphics and/or language in your signature will be removed and could result in a temporary suspension or ban from the message board and removal from the clan.

    5.4 Illegal Activates: BBF does NOT promote or use ANY pirated software. ANY members discussing pirated software or downloading a "leak" of a game and using it WILL be suspended or banned from the message board, ALL GAMES and ALL BBF EQUIPMENT (includes servers and Team Speak). This entire website could be shut down if we are shown to support it or even discuss that any of us have it. If you have any questions then please contact any CLB member.

    5.5 Advertising on the Message Board: Clan BBF is sponsored and hosted by All other advertising on these message boards will be deleted. Those that keep posting advertisements will be banned from the message board.

    5.6 Tags: ALL CORE BBF members are required to have a [BBF] in front of there message board username, Cadets a [C], and recruits a [R]

    5.7 Pruning Message Board Users: This message board is pruned of inactive members. To keep your account active you should visit the forums at least once a month and post. If you do not post sufficiently within a period of 3 calendar months you run the risk of being auto pruned by the system. We will not restore medals or posts lost due to a forum account being pruned.

    5.8 Clean Up and Updating:

      5.8.1 Game commanders are required to review, update and/or remove any sticky threads, announcements, and usergroups from their message boards at least once a month that are outdated, unecessary, or no longer useful.

      5.8.2 Regiment/Division Commanders are responsible for making sure the Game Commanders are keeping their message boards up to date, clean and organized.

    6 - Outreach

      6.1 Tags: We encourage all members to use their BBF tag when posting on any other Gaming or Clan website to help promote BBF.

      6.2 BBF's Alliance Policies

        6.2.1 BBF will support an alliance that proves to be beneficial to the clan as a whole.

        6.2.2 In game alliances are not the same as clan alliances, ingame alliances should still work towards the benefit of BBF and alliances should not be created with clans to which BBF has specificly denied an alliance with at the clan level.

        6.2.3 War Alliances will not be considered at the clan level in any case, War will not be considered in any case with the exception of games which factor around wars and wars are a critical part of the competative nature of that game.

    7 - Clan Games

      7.1 Supported Games

        7.1.1 Clan Supported Games are games BBF actively supports and may or may not be of a competitive nature. All games are still encouraged to be as competitive as possible.

        7.1.2 Games with a low member count may be active without a GC at the discretion of the RC. If a GC is not present, the RC will perform the administrative functions and represent the game in the CLB.

        7.1.3 All games with 10 or more members will be required to have a Game Commander appointed by the RC/DC

      7.2 Required Activity Levels

        7.2.1 Clan Supported Games are encouraged to have a minimum of one clan match or similar function every two weeks (depending on the type of game) and are also required to have two clan practices bi-weekly (two within a two week period). Practice must be centered on improving game play for the clan.

        NOTE: If leagues are inactive during certain seasons or holidays inturrupt the normal practice schedule, then Clan Supported Game's will not be dropped. The GC is encouraged to find other leagues or similar functions to fill in during inactive periods.

        7.2.2 If a game fails to meet activity requirements for 2 or more reporting periods, the RC/DC may remove the game from Clan Supported Game status.

      7.3 Game Status Procedures

        7.3.1 To add a new game a poll will be placed in the "Future Games" forum by the RC indicating that we are considering a new game. The game requires 10 votes in one week or 5 members in an active ladder or significant ranking as approved by the RC/DC to reach Clan Supported Game status. Once the requirements are met, a forum is created for the game and a member is chosen to be GC.

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