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BBF Voice Chat has officially moved to Discord!

Since the retirement of our Teamspeak server in 2022, BBF now uses Discord as its primary communication platform. See below for links to join!


To join our Discord servers, click on the following invite links:

Discord Download and Set-Up Instructions:

    1. Go to and click on 'Download for Windows'
    2. Install the Discord application once download complete
    3. Open Discord and create an account
    4. Once logged in, click an invite link in the section above to connect to a BBF Discord server
    5. Go to the 'Voice' menu in 'Settings' to set-up your mic

How to Add Tags and Gain Member Role:

    1. To add the BBF tags to your nickname, click on the server name, then click 'Edit Server Profile'
    2. To gain member permission, ask any Officer or Admin to add the appropriate member role to your server profile
    3. If you need help with anything Discord, just ask for help!


Have Fun and Game On!

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