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  • BBF Clan Heroes are retired members that served with distinguished service, pride, and honor.

    • [BBF]Chods - Clan Founder
    • [BBF]Hive Mind - Clan Founder
    • [BBF]Jen - Honorary Member of BBF
    • [BBF]THEFACTION - Armada Enforcer
    • [BBF]aqckdth4u - First Game Commander for RA2, helped establish BBF as a Multi Game Clan.
    • [BBF]NEOBLAZE - Retired Second for RA2
    • [BBF]MM58 - Left clan with honor after serving in our RA2 fleets.
    • [BBF]Tiz0r - Left clan with honor after serving in our RA2 fleets.
    • [BBF]JBTweeter - Left clan with honor after serving in our RA2 fleets.
    • [BBF]Dell - Left clan with honor after serving in our RA2 and WC3 fleets.
    • [BBF]imdgr8one - Left Clan with honor after serving in our Renegade Fleet and CLB as GAME COMMANDER.
    • [BBF]AFireHawk - Left Clan with honor after serving in our RA2/Yuri Fleets, Our BBF2 Special Ops unit in RA2 and also was head trainer in RA2.
    • [BBF]Metz - A natural clan leader that helped lay the foundation of what the clan is today. Held the positions of Game Commander, Division Commander, and Admiral.
    • [BBF]KornKnoT8 - Left clan with honor after serving in our RA2 fleets.
    • [BBF]Smron - Left clan with honor after several years of service in many BCG status games. During his time with the clan he held the ranks of, Game Commander, Admiral, Grand Admiral, and Director of Operations.

    • [BBF]Jester - Left clan with honor after several years of service in many BCG status games. During his time with the clan he held the ranks of, Game Commander of Ever Quest II, Outreach Manager and Director of Operations . He will be revered foundly for giving all he could to the clan and making a difference in BBF.

    • [BBF]Chy - A dedicated Clan leader who served tirelessly to help keep the clan organized and on the right path. During her time here she held the Ranks of Division leader of MMO and was the clans very first HR manager . A valuable addition to the clan, she will be missed by all who came in contact with her and had the pleasure to know her.

    • [BBF]CowboyDave - Became inactive to give more time to his family and career. He was a great leader of Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2 as well as a major contributor to clan policies and procedures.

    • [BBF]Itchy - Retired after several years of Division and game leadership. Itchy led a very successful WoW section, but also served playing FPS and RTS games with the clan. He since returned to the clan and held an officer position as 4 star General of BBF.

      • Itchy passed away in April 2021. He will always be remembered here at BBF and will forever be in our hearts. His friendship throughout the years with countless members helped foster a sense of family and made him the father figure of BBF. - R.I.P. Itchy - "Till All Are One!"

    • [BBF]Striker aka Bald Eagle - Fallen Hero and Honorary Clan Member. A great team player who helped BBF win the first 3FL season for BF2. He later returned after a break as Bald Eagle, but brain cancer slowly took him away from his passion for gaming. He will be remembered by those who served in BBF with him.

    • [BBF]Brim - Clan Hero for his contributions to BBF since 2000. In 2002 Brim, along with another member, started the BBF XBox division and made it into one of the most respected XBox clans around.

    • [BBF]DarkKnight - DK took over leadership of the clan on September 18th, 2000 and has been the core of BBF through much of the first decade. DK offered not only his leadership to the clan, but his time and resources through web, game, and voice server hosting over the years. Without his generous contributions to the clan BBF would not be here today. There is not a more deserving person for clan hero than BBF Darknight!

    • [BBF]f1shman - F1shman was, and still is, the essential behind-the-scenes man that kept the website and forums up-and-running for BBF. From general updates, improvements, or technical fixes, F1shman was always the person keeping BBF’s online presence alive 24/7! He could fix any system issue that came up and in a flash. In 2016, the old BBF site was outdated and F1shman created (with the help of DarkKnight) this new website BBF has today. F1shman still keeps an eye on how the clan is doing and always so graciously answers our calls for help whenever needed.

    • [BBF]Chaser - After being GC of the Minecraft division, Chaser took over duties as HR director and never looked back! With his wide variety of skills, he helped the clan grow in countless ways including: website updates and moderation, establishing many forum tutorials and how-to’s, helping other officers, members, and recruits with whatever issue they had, promoting the clan throughout the PC gaming community, and keeping the whole clan and its members up-to-date. Chaser was very giving of his time, talents, and resources and was an extremely valued member of the DC. Chaser has a total of almost 5,000 posts on our forums, a clan record to be proud of! His efforts helped BBF reach its highest and fullest potential and we are forever grateful! Chaser is everything BBF hopes to find in its members and more.

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