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Voice Chat

BBF is a proud user and supporter of TeamSpeak. As of February 2010 this is the ONLY allowed BBF voice chat server besides in game chat:

To display the BBF Teamspeak viewer, please click the button to the far right of your screen with the Teamspeak insignia on it.

Downloading Teamspeak and Installation Instructions

    1. Download the Teamspeak 3 Client from the Download Page (get the latest client for your OS, such as Windows Teamspeak 3 Client)
    2. Install by opening the .exe file you downloaded and following the directions
    3. Connect to Server

Setup & Adding A Server

    1. Start the program. / start menu / programs / Teamspeak 3 /
    2. Choose Connections in TS menu, then connect
    3. Add the address and port:
    4. Nickname: Please use the same name on Teamspeak as your forum username. (TAG IS REQUIRED)
    5. Enter the server password which you will obtain from your GC.
    6. Press connect.

Registering with the Server

    1. Ask your Game Commander or another Server Admin to give you registration rights

Making sure your mic works

    1. Check your connectors. If its not a USB Mic, both connectors go into sound card.
    2. Make sure Mic is not muted and that your sound settings in Windows is setup for Mic.
    3. Have TS Admin help you set up the Teamspeak program settings in the settings menu.
    4. Ask for help if you get stuck. If you don't ask nobody can help you.


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