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battlewise1Thank you for your interest in joining Clan BBF!

  *Important Note for New Accounts and Password Resets:

   The email system is not currently working. You will get an email error
   when you create a new account, but please disregard, as you can still
   login to your new account with the username and password you entered
   on the registration page so please take note of the username and
   password you enter so you can log in successfully.

   As for password resets for existing accounts, they will not work because
   of the broken email system. The only way to gain access is for a clan
   administrator to manually change the password temporarily so that
   users can successfully login again. For password resets please contact
   [BBF]Poptardz or any other clan admin for assistance.

Baptized by Fire is an interactive, competitive, and fun gaming clan that is currently active in games across multiple genres. At times the clan can be active in practice, league play or ladder matches for certain game titles. Such competition requires good communication between the clan and members. Every clan is only as good as its members, and this thesis is based on more than mere skill level. More mature and honorable members are much more valuable to a large group than any individual player with elite skill. Since Baptized by Fire already has a synergy with its established membership group, we strive to maintain a level of excellence in our roster with our recruitment process for the benefit and enjoyment of all members.

Prior to the application process we would like to stress that Clan BBF expects all of our members to visit our website on a weekly basis. We encourage forum activity but we do not have strict posting requirements. It is our hope that members will take advantage of the community and use it as a tool to interact with their fellow clan mates.

General Requirements
- Recruits must be at least 16 years of age or older and must wear the appropriate [R] tag during recruitment.
- Anyone 13 to 15 years of age may join as a Cadet [C] and can gain full membership when turning 16.

- All recruits and members must actively participate in forum discussions.
- All recruits are highly encouraged to have a working microphone to use in Teamspeak communication.
- All recruits and members are required to complete Roll Call each month, which is a simple poll procedure within the forums.

Recruitment Process
- New recruits will register on the forums and then send in an application. Details are discussed below in “How to Join.”
- New recruits will undergo a minimum 2 week recruitment period in which they will play with other members of the clan, get to know them, and vice versa.
- Within this period, recruits will either be accepted into the clan as core members or declined from the clan.

How to Join
1) First, we require all new members to Register on our Forums.
2) Next after registering, all new members are required to read and abide by the Baptized by Fire Clan Charter. This Charter goes into detail on the rules, requirements, and recruitment process of the clan. The Charter can be found under the "Info" tab at the top.
3) Next after reading the Clan Charter, fill out and post a Join Application. To do this, please copy the information in the grey box below. Then utilize the links below that to quickly start an application topic in the appropriate forum. Title the new post "Member Application" and paste the information into the message area. Include your response following each question and when finished, complete your application by clicking "Submit".
4) In conclusion, your application will be posted in the "Join Us / Challenge" section of our forum page. After submitting your application, locate and check back on your application thread often for a reply by a Clan Officer. They will respond to your post with further information for you.

Please Note: Simply registering an account on the ClanBBF website does not make you a clan member, but it is a necessary step to applying for membership as it allows you to post an application to our forum.

  • Game title you are applying for - 
  • Have you read the clan charter? - 
  • Real first name - 
  • Age - 
  • Time zone - 
  • If applying for a Steam game, list your Steam name - 
  • If applying for a Blizzard Battlenet game, list your name and number - 
  • If applying for a Playstation or Xbox game, list your PSN or Xbox ID - 
  • In-game details (character name/character level/favored class or position) - 
  • Please describe your normal gaming schedule (days and times you play) - 
  • Do you currently use Teamspeak, or will if you join BBF? - 
  • Do you have a working mic? - 
  • Why are you looking to join BBF? - 
  • Tell us why you think BBF is a good fit for you and why we should accept your membership. - 
  • How did you find BBF? If you were referred, please list the member that referred you. - 
  • By submitting a Clan BBF membership application you are agreeing to the following pledge: "I understand the responsibilities of clan membership, and I accept the honor of representing BBF. I pledge to support my clan mates with mature and honorable game presence as well as competitive gameplay."

Apply for Call of Duty (PC)
Apply for Battlefield (PC)

Apply for League of Legends (PC)
Apply for Minecraft (PC)

Apply for Playstation games (PS)
Apply for Xbox games (XB)

If your game or console is not listed above, please apply here.

We also invite all new members to download Teamspeak 3 if you do not already have this program installed on your computer. Teamspeak is used for voice communication between members and is highly encouraged to be used when playing with other clan members.

Step by Step Recap:
- Register on our Forums.
- Read the BBF Clan Charter.
- Fill out a Join Application (You must be registered and logged into the forums to do so).
- Locate and check your application in the "Join Us / Challenge" section of the forums often for a reply.
- Download Teamspeak, if necessary.

If we encounter any problems with your application, we will reply to the topic you created asking for more details from you. Likewise, your application status will also be posted in the topic you create. It is important that when you return to the website you check the status of your application topic for updates.

Thank You for your cooperation and patience! See you on the battlefield!

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