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Server Updates

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Server Updates was created by [BBF]Chaser

I know a lot of people are wanting to know how progress goes so im going to post here what is done and what is yet to eb done or soon to come.

Those of you that do not know BBF now own our own Dedicated server (we have for about 2 months now) we have also purchased 10 IP's and a Multicraft (minecraft control panel) license to run 10 servers.

What this means is that instead of running one server with multiple plugins we can run multiple servers running just a few plugins per server. The benefit to this is that we no longer have to carefully decide what plugins we can and or cannot use because if they are incomparable with plugins on one server we can run it an another server. For example if we decided to run a Hunger Games map and their was a plugin that was the best Hunger Games plugin out their however it was incomparable with Towny we would then need to decide if we wanted Towny or Hunger Games. Now we can has one server running Towny and another running Hunger Games.

Now you may ask how will i join both servers without having to have multiple IP's. Well we are now running a program called BungeeCord and what it does is it acts as a proxy between servers. That means when you want to switch servers you are telling the proxy to reconnect you to the other server.

Currently we have implemented an old Hub map we have while we configure our additional servers.

As of right now we are working on our Towny Survival server which will be more like the old server. You will spawn in an area and it will host a nether and End portal and will run many of the old plugins you are all used to.

A few new changes for that world are as follows.
  • Towny Server
    • Optional Freebuild
      • Guests will have the option to pick a Freebuild plot much like before
        • We currently have 50 4x4 plots (200 10x10 block plots) and we do not plan to enlarge this area
    • Random Teleport
      • Instead of making people walk out of Freebuild to start exploring i am planning on adding a plugin that will teleport you to a random location in the world. (their will be a timer set per teleport)
    • Server Shops
      • This feature will be implemented after the server is up and running but again we will allow players to purchase specific in game items.
      • We have also been asked to implement admin shops/mall this may also come into play but will come after the server launch
If you have any other ideas and or suggestions please feel free to broadcast them here

Once the Towny world is set up ill be working on the Skyblock world. I am planning many changes for the Skyblock world in regards to mobs, challenges, and even an admin shop.

[size=4:14pajzyx]General New stuff.[/size]
  • New Economy plugin
    • Every server will have the same economy so if you have $10,000.00 on the Towny Server you will have the same amount on the Skyblock server
  • Word Filter
    • We will be using the same word filter however i will be going thru the entire extent of the plugin.
    • I will also be setting up fake commands using the filter for example if you type ?help it will bring up a list of help indexes.

      Another example would be if you type ?Help then type ?Towny for towny help you thenn be given a list of commands as well as some general help.

      These help indexes may take some time to finalize for each server being that each server will have its own filter configurations.
[size=4:14pajzyx]Challenges Thus Far
  • Chat
    • Chat has been causing some issues however were continuing to do more and more research to give us a final product.
  • Bans
    • We will be using the same ban managment plugin so each ban is reflectyed across all servers however we have had issues with the proxy server and IP's however this is now resolved
  • Databases
    • Each server has its own MySQL database. These databases hold important info such as block break data and much more.
    • These databases all have a username and a password and keeping track of multiple database accounts is quite the task.
    • Some plugins like our economy plugin are being ran on each server this is how your currency stays the same while other plugins like our ban plugin uses multiple databases per server so we are working to make sure our databases are kept as clean as possible and easy to navigate.
  • Spigot
    • A few issues are also being caused and needing resolved because we no longer run craftbukkit we will now be using spigot which is a more complex version of bukkit.
    • Spigot give s more flexibility and it works with Bungeecord much better.
  • Takenhell
    • Yes i said it one of our officers (Takenhell) is in fact giving hell instead of taking it
    • (Sorry Taken) Taken has accadently ruined about 10 hours of work building Freebuild however we are lucky we were able to build it back within a fair amount of time.
We are planning to add many more servers and plugins so we have flexibility however were trying to take things one step at a time and making sure things are working properly before we launch the new Towny Server.

Please if you have any questions/comments/concerns address them here.
02 Apr 2014 19:27 #50257

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