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Chasers Recipe List

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Chasers Recipe List was created by [BBF]Chaser

A few days ago i posted asking for ideas or custom recipes and I have gotten a little feed back here and there so I wanted to make a place where I can actually post said recipes as well as the code for them (we all like to share right?).

I cannot guarantee that all of these recipes are on the BBF server but i am sure most if not all will be on the server sometime or another.

I will be locking this thread so this can continue to be more of a collection instead of a "conversation". If you would like to recommend or amend a recipe please do so in this thread.

Ariakas or other admins will add if recipes work while maintaining a balance to game-play.
Mining Helment[/size]

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  • Forged Iron x5
  • Flashlight x1
<recipe name=&quot;miningHelmet&quot; count=&quot;1&quot; scrapable=&quot;False&quot; craft_time=&quot;10&quot;  craft_exp_gain=&quot;2&quot; learn_exp_gain=&quot;20&quot; >
        <ingredient name=&quot;forgedIron&quot; count=&quot;1&quot; grid=&quot;0, -1&quot;/>
        <ingredient name=&quot;flashlight02&quot; count=&quot;1&quot; grid=&quot;1, -1&quot;/>
        <ingredient name=&quot;forgedIron&quot; count=&quot;1&quot; grid=&quot;-1, 0&quot;/>
        <ingredient name=&quot;forgedIron&quot; count=&quot;1&quot; grid=&quot;0, 0&quot;/>
        <ingredient name=&quot;forgedIron&quot; count=&quot;1&quot; grid=&quot;1, 0&quot;/>
        <ingredient name=&quot;forgedIron&quot; count=&quot;1&quot; grid=&quot;-1, 1&quot;/>


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  • Oil x1
  • Car Air Filter x1
  • 44 Magnum Grip x1
  • Forged Iron x5
  • Barbed Wire x5
<recipe name="chainsaw" count="1" scrapable="False" craft_time="60" craft_exp_gain="2" learn_exp_gain="20" >
        <ingredient name="forgedIron" count="1" grid="0, -2"/>
        <ingredient name="oil" count="1" grid="1, -2"/>
        <ingredient name="44MagnumGrip" count="1" grid="2, -2"/>
        <ingredient name="forgedIron" count="1" grid="-1, -1"/>
        <ingredient name="airFilter" count="1" grid="0, -1"/>
        <ingredient name="smallEngine" count="1" grid="1, -1"/>
        <ingredient name="barbedWireCrafted" count="1" grid="-1, 0"/>
        <ingredient name="forgedIron" count="1" grid="0, 0"/>
        <ingredient name="barbedWireCrafted" count="1" grid="1, 0"/>
        <ingredient name="barbedWireCrafted" count="1" grid="-2, 1"/>
        <ingredient name="forgedIron" count="1" grid="-1, 1"/>
        <ingredient name="barbedWireCrafted" count="1" grid="0, 1"/>
        <ingredient name="forgedIron" count="1" grid="-2, 2"/>
        <ingredient name="barbedWireCrafted" count="1" grid="-1, 2"/>
02 Jun 2015 19:50 #54434

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